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Get tailored Next-Generation Sequencing results fast

AUGenomics Has You Covered

AUGenomics provides high-quality Next-Gen Sequencing services with unparalleled speed so you can advance your discoveries without startup risk.

Custom Solutions

Trying something new? We specialize in novel method development to support groundbreaking research. Our custom approach means we can help support you- even if it's never been done before. 

Rapid Sequencing Results

With accelerated delivery, you can focus on uncovering what new insights your data reveal- in as low as 3 business days!

Your Access to Groundbreaking Tech

Transform research by expanding your access to cutting-edge technology. De-risk new project methods by gaining affordable access to revolutionary platforms.

Premium White-Glove Experience

We provide consulting and experimental planning to make sure your investigation is a success from beginning to end.  Not sure where to start? We can help!


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100% USA Based

Protection of biodata has never been more crucial. We believe researchers must be proactive about who can gain access to their genomic information. That's why all of our services are performed in our laboratory located here in San Diego, California, where your data is highly encrypted and never shared without your direction. Unlike other sequencing providers, we never process, sell, or share any of your data to offshore or third party entities under any circumstances.

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Breaking Barriers in
Scientific Research.

We are a women-led team driven by our mission to provide high quality solutions for labs who may be constrained by barriers to entry. NGS instruments can be both costly and unavailable, making sequencing beyond reach for many. Our goal is to serve as a convenient resource to open opportunities for all who need access to reliable, fast access to state-of-the-art sequencing technology.

Uncover transcriptomic mysteries in rare cell types. Investigate gene regulatory systems by simultaneously profiling gene expression and open chromatin. Explore the biology of immune activation and disease mechanisms. Characterize complex cell populations with multiomic profiling. With both Bulk RNA and Single-Cell options available, the possibilities are endless. Discover how we can bring your research to the next level.

Are You Ready to Advance Your Discoveries?

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