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Powering Environmental Research

DNA sequencing is a powerful tool for environmental research, as it allows us to study and better understand the diversity and interactions of species in their natural habitats. It enables comprehensive analyses of microbial communities, biodiversity, and functional genomics in various environmental samples. Metagenomic studies, in particular, leverage NGS to uncover the genetic diversity of microbial communities, shedding light on their roles in nutrient cycling, pollutant degradation, and overall ecosystem dynamics. NGS also aids in environmental DNA (eDNA) studies, allowing researchers to detect and monitor species diversity through the analysis of genetic material shed into the environment. We can also look at transcriptomic analyses using NGS to understand gene expression patterns in response to environmental changes. At AUGenomics, we specialize in the analysis of eDNA, genotyping, and ddRAD sequencing data to provide invaluable insights into ecological processes, climate change impacts, and the sustainable management of natural resources

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