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RNA Sequencing

RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) is a powerful tool used for analyzing gene expression, studying alternative splicing, and characterizing the transcriptome of a cell or organism. RNA-Seq can profile gene expression across different cell types, tissues, and developmental stages, as well as in disease and drug response studies. It's also used to identify and quantify expression of isoforms, enabling you to gain insights into the complex regulatory mechanisms underlying gene expression.


Leveraging the capabilities of the Element AVITI platform, AUGenomics offers comprehensive RNA sequencing solutions encompassing Total RNA, mRNA, small and miRNA, exosome and EV's, targeted RNA, TCR and BCR transcripts, and Ultra-Low input RNA.

RNA Solutions

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Extracting Your Own RNA?

Ensuring high-quality RNA in a sample is crucial for reliable downstream applications such as RNA sequencing. The process begins with proper sample collection, handling, and preservation to minimize RNA degradation. Swift extraction using a suitable method, such as TRIzol or column-based purification, is essential to maintain RNA integrity. Employing DNase treatment helps eliminate genomic DNA contamination, ensuring the purity of the RNA sample. Careful quantification using a spectrophotometer or fluorometer gauges the concentration and assesses the purity based on the A260/A280 ratio. Agarose gel electrophoresis or capillary electrophoresis can be employed to visualize RNA integrity and detect degradation or contamination. Additionally, storing RNA at ultra-low temperatures, preferably at -80°C, prevents degradation over time. Following these meticulous steps guarantees the acquisition of high-quality RNA, laying the foundation for accurate and robust molecular analyses.

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