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Image by National Cancer Institute

Ultra-High Resolution

Single cell sequencing is a powerful technology that allows us to analyze the gene expression of individual cells. This is especially useful in understanding complex biological systems, such as those involved in development and disease. By analyzing single cells, we can create more precision-based treatments and gain a deeper understanding of biology.

Single Cell Solutions

High Throughput Single Cell

Other single cell services are often lower throughput, which can really increase your costs per sample or per cell. This can affect reliability of your data: 1.) you’ll likely not run adequate duplicates and 2.) not having an adequate cell number leads to lower resolution. Do you pick up all positive signals? Are the negatives actually negative? Do you have enough resolution to know?

With our high throughput assays up to 1M cells per assay, allows you to run more samples or a higher cell count affordably. This means you're getting better data in the end!

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